29 September 2012

Neil Stewart - House of Fraser ~ Howick

Neil Stewart photographs House of Fraser - Howick brand A/W12.

Art Director - Mitchell Belk
Photographer - Neil Stewart
Stylist - Julian Ganio
Groomer - Tim Pateman

28 September 2012

Sacha Goldberger - Credit Suisse

Sacha Goldberger shot this campaign for leading global financial company Credit Suisse. The props were created by Carmel Said. To view more of Sacha's campaign work click here.

Photographer - Sacha Goldberger
Hair Stylist - Lyndell Mansfield
Make up artist - Andrew Gallimore
Prop designer - Carmel Said
Models - Tess Montgomery & Eleni T

Lucy Ewing - Style - Collector's issue

Fashion director of Sunday Times Style, Lucy Ewing, styled some of the most famous catwalk strutters for the glossy supplement's 10th anniversary multi-cover issue.

Clockwise from top left:

Model - Karlie Kloss, Photographer - Eric Guillemain, Stylist - Lucy Ewing.
Model - Lara Stone, Photographer - Angelo Pennetta, Stylist - Lucy Ewing. Model - Natasha Poly, Photographer - Ellen Von Unwerth, Stylist - Lucy Ewing. Model - Liu Wen, Photographer - Eric Guillemain, Stylist - Lucy Ewing.
Model - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Photographer - Guy Aroch, Stylist - Lucy. Model - Jourdan Dunn, Photographer - Emma Tempest, Stylist - Lucy Ewing.

24 September 2012

David Oldham - Elle China

David Oldham shot the couture story, 'A day with couture' at various locations in Paris for the September issue of Elle China. To view more of David's editorial work click here.

Photographer - David Oldham
Stylist - Miranda Almond
Make up artist - Maxine Leonard
Hair stylist - Halley Brisker
Model - Bonnie Chen

Bay Garnett - All Saints A/W12

This dramatic film shot by Tom Beard introduces the next wave of up-and-coming creative talent combining actors, artisans, poets, writer and models alongside long time brand collaborators.

In the 60 second brand film shows the assembled cast coming together to celebrate the creativity, innovation and beauty of the new A/W12 collection. More to come... Campaign stills shot by Aiken Jolly.

Director - Tom Beard
Stylist - Bay Garnett
Hair - Chi Wong
Make-up - Hiromi Ueda

23 September 2012

Robert Wyatt - Style

Robert Wyatt shot 'Full steam ahead' for the 'big fashion issue' of Sunday Times Style. The story focuses on fashion prodigy Marc Jacobs and the latest collection he has designed for Louis Vuitton.

Photographer - Robert Wyatt
Stylist - Lucy Ewing
Hair Stylist - Vi & Christian Attuly
Make up - Caroline Saulnier & Tatyana Makarova
Models - Roberta Narciso, Tian Yi & Elena Bartels

Lucy Ewing - Style

Lucy Ewing styled the cover story along with a number of other stories for the Sunday Times Style 'big fashion issue' in conjunction with London Fashion week.
The cover story titled, 'Kerr Ching', features Australian model Miranda Kerr. Lucy Also styled a studio story titled, 'A cut above ', which focuses on tailoring and 1970's prints. Finally, Lucy styled 'The adventures of Heidi'. With the help of photographer Kourtney Roy and set designer Sarah Parker, Lucy created a kitsch ensemble in homage to our favourite Swiss heroine.

21 September 2012

Tim Marsella - Tommy Hilfiger

We are pleased to announce that Tim Marsella's new Tommy Hilfiger A/W12 Kids images are out now! To view more of the shoot and the video please click here.

Photographer - Tim Marsella
Stylist - Kate Van Der Hage
Hair and make-up - Ingrid Boekel

John Balsom - GQ Style

John Balsom and crew took to the Norwegian hills of Stryn to shoot this alpine themed ski story, 'The Boy Racer', for the A/W 12 issue of GQ Style. To view more of John's editorial work click here.

Photographer - John Balsom
Stylist - Julian Ganio
Hair Stylist - Joshua Gibson
Model - Richard Stringer

19 September 2012

Bay Garnett - Naughty Boy Ft Emeli Sande

Naughty Boy Ft Emeli Sande - Wonder

Wonder is the first single to be released by Naughty Boy. The euphoric track with its uplifting carnival sound is the first to be taken from his d├ębut album 'Hotel Cabana' out early next year.

Director - Nadia Otzen
Stylist - Bay Garnett

Richard Truscott - Jan

Richard Truscott shot 'The Travellers', for the October issue of Jan magazine. The story was shot on location in California with the desert and route 66 providing the perfect backdrop to this whimsical story.

Photographer - Richard Truscott
Stylist - Charissa Hogerheijde
Make up artist - Judith Neyens
Model - Sofie Oosterwaal

14 September 2012

Lucy Ewing - Sunday Times Style

Lucy Ewing styled Monica Bellucci for the cover story of latest issue of Sunday Times style. The story is titled, 'Ciao Bella', and was shot by Signe Vilstrup. Our favourite look is the lace dress with gold embroidery by Dolce & Gabbana. To view more of Lucy's work click here.

Photographer - Signe Vilstrup
Stylist - Lucy Ewing
Hair stylist - John Nollet
Make up artist - Christophe Danchaud

12 September 2012

Victoria Adcock - Vs. Magazine

A Full Moon - Coco Rocha shows off her range for the latest issue of Vs. Magazine with this 1950's, B movie inspired story by Ellen von Unwerth and styled by Victoria Adcock.

Photographer - Ellen von Unwerth
Stylist - Victoria Adcock
Hair - Vinz
Make-up - Regine Bedot

11 September 2012

Mary McCartney - Instagram

Mary McCartney has created a profile with photo-sharing and social networking programme, Instagram - showcasing some of her more intimate and opportune snaps. Click here to view her growing collection.

Richard Truscott - Monsoon Children A/W 2012

Richard Truscott shot the Autumn Winter 2012 childrenswear campaign for Monsoon. The kitsch campaign was shot on location at Hammerwood Park and is made up of a combination of outdoor and interior shots.

Photographer - Richard Truscott
Stylist - Joy Drefus
Hair & Make up - Esther Chandler

10 September 2012

Anne-Marie Curtis - Piperlime Fall 2012

Anne-Marie Curtis styled this campaign for the retail company Piperlime's Fall 2012 campaign. Anne-Marie created the looks featured in the campaign with designs by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Maison Scotch, MICHAEL Michael Kors and more.

Photographer - Andreas Sjodin
Stylist - Anne-Marie Curtis
Hair Stylist - Rolando Beauchamp
Make up artist - Lena Koro
Set Designer - Charlie Welch

Heather Favell - L'Uomo Vogue

Heather Favell shot this portrait of British actress Samantha Morton for the September issue of L'Uomo Vogue. The portrait of Morton is showcased in an article about the 69th anniversary of the Venice International Film Festival and its panel of judges, of which Samantha is a member this year.

Robert Wyatt - Sainsbury's

Robert Wyatt shot David Beckham on London's Millennium bridge in aid of Sainsbury's sponsorship of the Paralympics. Beckham has already starred in a Sainsbury’s ad, which featured him having a go at blind football in order to raise the profile of the Paralympic sport. 

Photographer - Robert Wyatt
Stylist - Jonathan Kaye
Hair Stylist - Alain Pichon
Make up artist - Miranda Joyce

7 September 2012

Annie Leibovitz & Valerie Wickes - Bulgari

Annie Leibovitz photographs Rachel Weisz for the latest Bulgari advertising campaign with Creative Director Valerie Wickes.

The images were shot on location at Eagles Lake reserve, New Jersey. Weisz wears a serpent shaped necklace in this shot, the snake is a long standing design that has graced the Bulgari collections since the forties. The portfolio of images evolves around a series of portraits that spotlight the jewellery and watches from the latest Serpenti collection.

Robert Wyatt & Victoria Adcock - Austrian Flair

Robert Wyatt and Victoria Adcock joined forces to create the story ' Free Pussy Riot' for the Autumn issue of Austrian Flair. The story was shot at various locations around Berlin. Robert and Victoria's latest collaboration manages to convey the grungy urban vibe of the increasingly hip city.

Photographer - Robert Wyatt
Stylist - Victoria Adcock
Hair Stylist - Panos
Make up Artist - Gina Kane
Model - Amanda Hendrick

6 September 2012

David Oldham - Wonderland

David Oldham's second story for the September - October issue of Wonderland - The nightlife issue, is a beauty story called 'Make up not war', also with beauty editor Maxine Leonard. To view more of David's beauty work click here.

Photography - David Oldham
Beauty Editor - Maxine Leonard
Hair Stylist - Karen Bigler
Model - Charlotte Reboutier

Lucy Ewing - Monsoon A/W 12

Lucy Ewing styled the Monsoon A/W 12 campaign. The campaigns showcase both the brand's evening wear and main collections. All the looks were modelled by Angela Lindvall. To view more of Lucy's work click here.

Photographer - Regan Cameron
Stylist  - Lucy Ewing
Model - Angela Lindvall

Richard Truscott - Tatler

Richard Truscott shot this swallows and amazons themed story for the October issue of Tatler. The story is called 'Land of make-believe' and was shot on location at the aptly named, 'Secret Garden' on Strawberry Vale. To view more of Richard's kids photography click here.

Photographer - Richard Truscott
Stylist - Sophie Goodwin
Hair and make up artist - Esther Chandler

4 September 2012

David Oldham - Wonderland

David Oldham shot the story 'I love your conceptual haircut' for the September - October Nightlife issue of Wonderland magazine. Above are some of our favourite looks.

Photographer - David Oldham
Beauty editor - Maxine Leonard
Hair Stylist - James Rowe
Models - Eloizia Melo, Erika Linder, Jess Hull and Olga Zhukova