28 November 2012

Bay Garnett - L'Uomo Vogue

English actor 'Aaron Johnson at the Society Club in Soho' photographed by Bruce Weber for L'Uomo Vogue - the November issue. Styled by Bay Garnett.

Photographer - Bruce Weber
Stylist - Bay Garnett
Hair - Paul Hanlon
Make-Up - Kay Montano

Leo Caillard - Telegraph

Leo Caillard shot 'Renaissance Masterpieces' for the most recent issue of ST magazine. The story demonstrates the juxtaposition between what was once considered a masterpiece in terms of art against the technological masterpieces of today. This kind of comparison between modernity and classicism is a theme that Leo has touched upon before in his work and is one that he manages to capture in an effective and somewhat comical way.

Photographer - Leo Caillard
Props and styling - Cordelia Weston
Hair and make-up - Linda Andersson
Models - Holly Leedham & Alice Brett

27 November 2012

Lucy Ewing - Sunday Times Style

Lucy styled the French seductress Laetitia Casta in 'Venus in furs' for Sunday Times Style in which Laetitia alluringly demonstrates the appeal of luxurious gemstones. She is adorned with pieces by such jewellery officionardos as Harry Winston, De Beers and Faberegé.

Photographer - Eric Guillemain
Stylist - Lucy Ewing
Hair stylist - Frédéric Birault
Make up artist - Christine Corbel
Manicurist - Hiro
Model - Laetitia Casta

John Balsom - Details

John Balsom shot 'On the water front' for the latest issue of Details magazine. The story was shot in the walled port city of St Malo in Brittany where John collaborated with fashion editor Darcy Backlar.

Photographer - John Balsom
Stylist - Darcy Backlar
Groomer - Terry Saxon
Model - Will Chalker

26 November 2012

Heather Favell - Johnnie B

Heather Favell recently shot the Winter 12 Johnnie b catalogue. Johnnie b is the girls 8 - 16 yrs range for British brand Boden. The images were captured at various locations around Brighton.

Photographer - Heather Favell
Stylist - Jo McGuinness
Hair and make up - Ruth Funnell
Models - Daisy Jelly, Ruby Muldoon, Emily Banister & Lily Erickson Hull

25 November 2012

Bay Garnett - V Man

'The sporting life of lads in London' was shot for V Man Magazine - #28 Winter 2012/13 issue. Photographed by Bruce Weber and styled by Bay Garnett.

Photographer - Bruce Weber
Stylist - Bay Garnett
Hair - Paul Hanlon
Make-Up - Kay Montano

22 November 2012

Sacha Goldberger - Exhibition opening

The opening of Sacha Goldberger's latest exhibition, 'The Darks' is taking place tonight at gallery Acte 2 in Paris. The exhibition showcases some images from Sacha's Mamika series that are yet to be seen by the public eye.

16 November 2012

Desreen Brooks
1979 –2012 – Beautiful, Stylish, Crazy & Smart - You will be missed.

15 November 2012

Christian Anwander - Trendland

Your Daily Dose of Trendland:

The latest spread in M Le Monde is part man about town, part Breaking the Magician’s Code. A dramatic collaboration between artist Alois Kronschläger and photographer Christian Anwander, it’s only when you look closely between the gauze wraps and dapper headgear that you see the subtle “invisible man” concept to the collection. The complex story behind the piece unfolds in a 15-piece collection, as we witness the subject concocting dark and mystical experiments on his own, while still finding the time to cruise the streets and traverse the city.

12 November 2012

Heather Favell - The Observer

Heather Favell shot the story 'Bomber Command' for the latest issue of The Observer magazine. This menswear story focused on this winter's key piece, the bomber jacket. The looks were created by the fashion editor of the magazine Helen Seamons and were shot against a mixture of landscape and architectural backdrops in Palm Springs

Photographer - Heather Favell
Stylist - Helen Seamons
Grooming - Dina at Soho Management
Model - Danny Schwarz

9 November 2012

Christian Anwander - 10

Christian Anwander shot 'Carioca Cruising' for his latest contribution to 10 Magazine. The story is featured in the Winter/ Spring 12-13 issue and showcases some of Spring 13's modern architectural pieces - modelled by Aline Weber. Aline helps to provide the story with that hint of melodrama that is often seen in Christian's work. To view more of Christian's work click here.

Photographer - Christian Anwander
Stylist - David Vandewal
Hair Stylist - Andre Gunn
Make up artist - Sil Bruinsma
Model - Aline Weber

John Balsom - GQ China

John Balsom shot 'Tough' for the November issue of GQ China with stylist Sean Spellman. To view more of John's editorial work click here.

Photographer - John Balsom
Stylist - Sean Spellman
Hair stylist - Enrico Mariotti
Make up artist - Valery Gherman
Models - Simonas Pham & Reid Prebenda

8 November 2012

Sacha Goldberger - Mamika & Co

Sacha Goldberger's latest addition to the Mamika series is Mamika & Co which is released today. This latest installment sees the infamous Mamika, (in reality Sacha's grandmother and muse), once again transform into 'Super Mamika' and take to the streets of New York. Once here she is joined by some new partners in crime, among these are Papika and Yuck the dog. Whilst this edition introduces some new characters to the mix it also continues to draw upon the ongoing theme of the Mamika series that is; 'What happens to superheroes when they get old?'.

Click here to view more of Sacha's work.

7 November 2012

David Oldham - Glamour

David Oldham collaborated with British Glamour's beauty director Alessandra Steinherr  and Sam McKnight for this beauty story on evening hairstyles for the December issue. Above are our favourite looks. To view more of David's beauty work click here.

Photographer - David Oldham
Stylist - Alessandra Steinherr
Hair Stylist - Sam McKnight
Make up artist - Kelly Cornwell
Manicurist - Marian Newman
Models - Milou Sluis and Lena Lomkova

Mary McCartney - Harpers Bazaar

Harpers Bazaar the December Issue - 'Designer of the year'

Woman of the Year, designer Stella McCartney talks about her favourite moment from the Olympics and her achievements of 2012. To view more of Mary's portraits click here.

Photographer - Mary McCartney
Hair - Lok Lau
Make-Up - Sally Branker

David Oldham - Glamour

David Oldham shot Cheryl Cole for the cover story of the December issue of British Glamour. David worked with stylist Emer Dewar to create these iconic shots of the star. To view more of David's celebrity work click here.

Photographer - David Oldham
Stylist - Emer Dewar
Hair Stylist - Lisa Laudat
Make up artist - Alex Babsky
Talent - Cheryl Cole

2 November 2012

David Oldham - Allure

David Oldham shot this beauty story for the third issue of Russian Allure with make-up artist Maxine Leonard, with whom he is a regular collaborator.

Photographer - David Oldham
Stylist - Anya Ziourova
Make up artist - Maxine Leonard
Hair stylist - Halley Brisker
Manicurist - Michelle Class
Model - Leah de Wavrin

1 November 2012

Christian Anwander - Metal

Christian Anwander captured the latest visionary collection to come from the creative genius Miguel Androver for the A/W 12 issue of Metal. The collection is called 'Out of my mind' and has finally been completed after years of his absence, it was created using old clothes from Androver's own wardrobe. To view more of Christian's work click here.

Photographer - Christian Anwander
Stylist - Raquel Garcia
Make up artist - Isamaya Ffrench
Hair stylist - Tomihiro Kono
Model - Alejandra Alonso

Mary McCartney - Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto - The Lock In Low

Watch Beth Ditto to a soundtrack of Melody Emergency from Gossip’s new album, A Joyful Noise. Video directed by Mary McCartney.

Director - Mary McCartney
Make-Up - Andrew Gallimore
Melody Emergency by Gossip - Courtesy of Sony and BMG Chrysalis
Special thanks to Stella McCartney and all the team