29 August 2013

Achim Lippoth - Zara Kids

Zara Kids - Autumn/Winter 2013

LGA photographer Achim Lippoth shoots the new A/W campaign for Zara Kids at a location house in Barcelona. As well as the stills campaign, he also directed the video below.

To view more of his advertising work, please click here.

Photographer - Achim Lippoth
Stylist - Ellie Lines
Hair & Make-Up - Hester Vanoverbeek

15 August 2013

John Balsom - Details

John Balsom shot the cover story for the September issue of Details magazine. The story, that is titled 'Easy Does It', features model Tyson Ballou, whom John has shot a number of times previously.

Photographer - John Balsom
Stylist - Benjamin Sturgill
Grooming - Mira Chair Hyde
Set Design - Amy Henry

14 August 2013

Achim Lippoth - Kid's Wear Magazine

Kid's Wear Magazine volume 37 - Autumn/Winter 2013

Cover & 'Teenage' story credits:
Photographer - Achim Lippoth
Stylist - Catrin Hansmerten
Art Direction - Mike Meire 
Hair & Make-Up - Nicole Gnauck

'Ride Off' credits:
Photographer - Achim Lippoth
Stylist - Jo McGuinness 

In the latest issue of Kid's Wear they have to report about people like Eglantyne Jebb, who have made it their life-long mission to help children and young people with serious problems. 

“We cannot leave defenceless children anywhere exposed to ruin — moral or physical. We cannot run the risk that they should weep, starve, despair and die, with never a hand stretched out to help them.” 

(Eglantyne Jebb)