26 November 2014

Ciara O'Shea - Sophia Kokosalaki SS15

Ciara O'Shea for the Sophia Kokosalaki SS15 Bridal and Luxury Look Book. Shot by Julia Hatta and styled by Sophia Kokosalaki.

Photography: Julia Hatta
Stylist: Sophia Kokosalaki
Make-Up: Ciara O'Shea
Hair: Roku Roppongi

Sally Branka - British Vogue

Sally Branka for the December issue of British Vogue. Photographed by Collier Schorr and styled by Fran Burns.

Photography: Collier Schorr
Styling: Fran Burns
Make-Up: Sally Branka
Hair: Jonathan Nesteruk

Pamela Hanson - Natalia Vodianova - Naked Heart Foundation

"Natalia Vodianova never forgot her past and her sister…. There is no limit to how much work, how many phone calls, how much begging she will do on behalf of children." - Diane Von Furstenburg.

Pamela Hanson travelled to Moscow earlier this summer to photograph Natalia Vodianova on location in the playground that she built for her Naked Heart Foundation, which is devoted to transforming disabled children lives within the environment of a loving family and a safe and stimulating place to play.

25 November 2014

Ciara O'Shea - Vilshenko SS15

Make-Up Artist Ciara O'Shea works on the Vilshenko SS15 Look Book along side Baud Postma and Raquel Garcia.

Photography: Baud Postma
Styling: Raquel Garcia
Make-Up: Ciara O'Shea
Hair: Jose Quijano

Mary McCartney - The Telegraph Magazine - Amanda Harlech

Mary McCartney shot Amanda Harlech for The Telegraph Magazine. To see more of Mary's work click here.

Niamh Quinn - Draw In Light SS15

Niamh Quinn for the Draw In Light SS15 Look Book. Shot by Ben Weller and Styled by Celestine Cooney.

Photography: Ben Weller
Styling: Celestine Cooney
Make Up: Niamh Quinn
Hair: Kota Suizu

Niamh Quinn - Draw In Light Resort 15

Niamh Quinn for the Draw In Light Resort 15 Look Book. Shot by Ben Weller and styled by Celestine Cooney.

Photography: Ben Weller
Styling: Celestine Cooney
Make-Up: Niamh Quinn
Hair: Kota Suizu

Mary McCartney's MONOCHROME | COLOUR Books and Exhibition

Mary McCartney's exhibition curated by De Pury De Pury featuring selected images taken between 1994 and 2014 is now open to the public until the 5th December 2014. The exhibition conincides with the release of the MONOCHROME | COLOUR books, which is available to buy via the Gost website. The books will also be available on Amazon from December 1st.

Richard Truscott - Monsoon

Richard Truscott's new images for the Monsoon Womens Christmas campaign are now on billboards, windows and web nationwide for the party season.

Photographer: Richard Truscott
Styling: Sasha Barrie

David Oldham - Flair Beauty X Chanel

David Oldham's beauty editorial for Flair Magazine featuring makeup by Chanel. To see more of David's work click here.

Photographer: David Oldham
Beauty Editor: Sara Hopp
Make-up: Martin Schmid
Manicurist: Rebecca Jade Wilsom
Hair Stylist: Asashi
Model: Charlotte Cordes

24 November 2014

Ciara O'Shea - Michaela Buerger

Ciara O'Shea for the Michaela Buerger SS15 Look Book shot by Billy Ballard and styled by Nobuko Tannawa.

Photogprahy: Billy Ballard
Styling: Nobuko Tannawa
Hair: Yumi Nakada-Dingle
Make-Up: Ciara O'Shea

David Oldham & Anne-Marie Curtis - Amazon x Osman

David Oldham shot Osman's capsule collection for Amazon Fashion, featuring styling by Anne-Marie Curtis. To view more of David's work click here.

Photographer: David Oldham
Art Director: Caroline Nitsch
Stylist: Anne-Marie Curtis
Make-up: Maxine Leonard
Hair: Ben Cooke

Sally Branka - Town & Country

Sally Branka for the new issue of Town & Country Magazine featuring Liv Tyler.

Photography: Paul Wetherell
Stylist: Nicoletta Santoro
Make Up: Sally Branka
Hair: Didier Malige

20 November 2014

Jason Hughes, Niamh Quinn & Mari Ohashi - Exit

Stylist Jason Hughes, Make-Up Artist Niamh Quinn and Hair Stylist Mari Ohashi work along side each other on this editorial for Exit Magazine.

Photography: Janneke Van Der Hagen
Styling: Jason Hughes
Make-Up: Niamh Quinn
Hair: Mari Ohashi

19 November 2014

Mari Ohashi - Man About Town

Mari Ohashi for Man About Town featuring the work of Craig Green. Shot by Tom Ordoyno and styled by Elgar Johnson

Photography: Tom Ordoyno
Styling: Elgar Johnson
Hair: Mari Ohashi

John Balsom - LUI

John Balsom's latest editorial for Lui issue 12. To view more of John's work click here.

Photographer: John Balsom
Fashion Director: Alexandra Bernard
Art Director: Eric Beckman
Models: Francisco Lachowski
            Hadrien Bal

Adam Whitehead - Vogue Russia

Adam Whitehead for Vogue Russia. To view more of Adam's work click here.

Photographer: Adam Whitehead
Stylist: Sophie Houdre
Hair: Teiji Utsumi
Make-up: Lily Choi
Model: Iana Godina

Heather Favell - J & B Whisky

Heather Favells new billboard campaign for J&B Whisky/ Diageo with Iris Worldwide
Stylist: Maria Serra
Production: Seasun

18 November 2014

Mari Ohashi and Ciara O'Shea - Arena Homme+

Mari Ohashi and Ciara O'Shea for Arena Homme+ Magazine. Shot by Mel Bles and styled by Max Clarke.

Photography: Mel Bles
Styling: Max Clarke
Hair: Mari Ohashi
Make Up: Ciara O'Shea

17 November 2014

Mary McCartney at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Last Friday photographer Mary McCartney discussed her career, her artistic influences, her first photographic book, From Where I Stand, and the highly anticipated follow-ups, Monochrome & Colour in an open interview at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

13 November 2014

Théo Gosselin - Avec Le Coeur

Théo Gosselin recently made his debut into the world of publishing with his beautiful photography book "Avec Le Coeur". A curation of his most interesting work to date presented in a limited edition hardcover book. Théo's images are of friends rather than models, and the situations are not mythic constructions but glimpses of a very real underground lifestyle. To see more of Théo's work click here.

Suzie Q & Leo Siboni - Harvey Nichols

Suzie Q & Leo Siboni shot Harvey Nichols Christmas Campaign. To see more of Suzie & Leo's work click here.

Photographers: Suzie Q & Leo Siboni
Stylist: Jo Barker
Hair: Claire Rothstein
Make-up: Lyz Marden
Models: Augusta

John Balsom - Instyle US


Photographer John Balsom shot actor Boyd Holbrook for Instyle US. To see more of John's work click here.

Photographer: John Balsom
Creative Director: Rina Stone
Stylist: Julie Ragolia
Groomer: Mira Chai Hyde
Talent: Boyd Holbrook

12 November 2014

Raquel Franco - Stella McCartney & Canon

Raquel Franco styles for the Stella McCartney and Canon collaboration. 

Photography: Pelle Crepin 
Styling: Raquel Franco 
Hair & Make-Up: Celia Burton 

Lucy Ewing - Sunday Times Style

Lucy Ewing works along side Rory Payne in this editorial for the Sunday Times Style Magazine.

Photography: Rory Payne
Styling: Lucy Ewing
Make-Up: Jenny Coombs
Hair: Philippe Tholimet

Mari Ohashi - Whistles SS15

Slicked back hair by Mari Ohashi for the Whistles Resort 15 Look Book.

Photography: Amy Gwatkin
Styling: Nick Passmore
Hair: Mari Ohashi
Make Up: Thomas de Kluyver

7 November 2014

Niamh Quinn - L'Officiel Italy

Niamh Quinn for L'Officiel Italy. Shot by Janneke Van Der Hagen and styled by Isabelle Kountoure

Photography: Janneke Van Der Hagen
Styling: Isabelle Kountoure
Make-Up: Niamh Quinn
Hair: Soichi

6 November 2014

Elliott Erwitt - Artemide

Elliott Erwitt collaborated with iconic light designer Artemide. Elliott has long accompanied the creator of Artemide Ernesto Gismonti through the different stages of development of what he calls ‘The Human Light.’ This campaign features creators and their works as they pay ‘Tribute to Light.’

Ciara O'Shea - Vogue Spy

Ciara O'Shea creates make-up looks for the Vogue Spy feature in December's issue. Shot by Laurence Ellis and styled by Nura Khan.

Photographer: Laurence Ellis
Fashion Editor: Nura Khan
Make-Up" Ciara O'Shea
Hair: Naoki

4 November 2014

Pamela Hanson - Violet Grey - Lauren Hutton

Pamela Hanson shot the iconic supermodel Lauren Hutton for Violet Grey to accompany a feature based around a conversation between Lauren and friend Angelica Huston.

Photography: Pamela Hanson
Creative Direction: Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey
Talent: Lauren Hutton
Hair: Anthony Campbell
Stylist: Lawren Howell
Makeup: Pati Dubroff
Nails: Reiko Okusa