24 October 2014

Pamela Hanson - Italian Vanity Fair

Pamela Hanson shot Beatrice Borremo for the September issue of Italian Vanity Fair, The aristrocrat speaks of her upbringing and life with Pierre Casiraghi, the son of Princess Caroline of Monaco. To view more of Pamela's work click here.

Photographer: Pamela Hanson
Creative Director: Devin Pedswater

Jens Langkjaer - Thankoon X Barney's New York

Jens Langkjaer shot Thankoon's lookbook for Barney's New York. To view more of Jens Langkjaer's work click here.

Photographer: Jens Langkjaer
Stylist: Eugenie Toroellmas
Hair: Owen Gould
Makeup: Stevie Huynh
Model: Sophie T

Jens Langkjaer - Harpers Bazaar Singapore

Photographer Jens Langkjaer shot for Harper's Bazaar Singapore. To view more of Jens work click here.

Photographer: Jens Langkjaer
Fashion Editor: Windy Aulia
Hair: Teiji
Make-up: Lili Choi
Models: Anouk Hagemeijer
            Alex Dunstan

23 October 2014

Sally Branka - Giles Deacon Fashion Remix Show

Make up Artist Sally Branka worked on the make up for the Giles Deacon Fashion Remix show held at Kensington Palace last night. The show was held in aid of the charity Historic Royal Palaces and provided a look back at Giles Deacon's archive collections, drawing on a range of fashion references that aristocracy of old enjoyed at the Georgian court. Other contributions to this project included styling by Katie Grand, millinery by Stephen Jones and sponsorship from MAC Cosmetics.

22 October 2014

Theo Gosselin - Fisheye Magazine

Fisheye magazine has dedicated an issue to Theo Gosselin, having featured on the very first cover of Fisheye Theo is now celebrated 1 year later as he joins the team as guest editor for the latest issue which includes not only his own work but his chosen selected work of friends.

Sally Branka - Rooney Mara - Rome Film Festival

Sally Branka worked on the make up of actress Rooney Mara for The Rome Film Festival where her next film titled Trash premiered.

Raquel Franco - Dsection

Publication: Dsection
Story: 'Endless Summer'
Photography: Nico Bustos
Styling: Raquel Franco
Grooming: Karim Belghiran

Niamh Quinn & Mari Ohashi - Simone Rocha - J Brand

Simone Rocha for J Brand
Photography: Ben Toms
Styling: Celestine Cooney
Hair: Mari Ohashi
Make up: Niamh Quinn

Jens Langkjaer - Harpers Baazar

Jens Langkjaer for Harper's Baazar Singapore November 2014 issue. To view more of Jens work click here.

Photographer: Jens Langkjaer
Fashion Editor: Windy Aulia
Hair: Teiji
Make-up: Lili Choi
Model: Julia Frauche

20 October 2014

Adam Whitehead - Graff Diamonds

Adam Whitehead for Graff London Autumn / Winter 2014 Bridal Collection with hair by Mari Ohasi. To view more of Adam's work click here.

Photographer: Adam Whitehead
Stylist: Miranda Almond
Hair: Mari Ohasi
Model: Crista Cober

16 October 2014

Niamh Quinn - Russh

Publication: Russh
Story: 'Ive Always Liked You'
Photography: Arno Frugier
Styling: Anna Schiffel
Hair: Marion Anee
Make up: Niamh Quinn

15 October 2014

Heather Favell- The Observer

Photographer Heather Favell shot this fashion story whilst on a road trip in LA for the Observer Weekend Magazine . To see more of Heather's work click here.

Photographer: Heather Favell
Fashion Editor: Jo Jones
Hair & Makeup: Dina Catchpole
Models: Rina Karuna

14 October 2014

Suzie Q & Leo Siboni - Baku Magazine

Suzie Q and Leo Siboni shot for the latest issue of Baku Magazine. To view more of their work click here.

Photographers: Suzie Q & Leo Siboni
Stylist: Nobuko Tannawa
Hair: Nao Kawakami
Makeup: Laura Dominique
Model: Christina Carey

13 October 2014

Sally Branka - Jil Sander

Jil Sander - Simply Jil Sander Fragrance 2014
Photography - Josh Olins
Styling - Alastair McKimm
Make up - Sally Branka

Jens Langkjaer - STYLEBY

Jens Langkjaer shot this story for STYLEBY. To view more of Jens work click here.

Photographer: Jens Langkjaer
Make-up: Nina Belkhir
Hair: Teji Utsumi
Models: Linn Arvidsson
            Charlie Bredal
            Julier Bugge
            Juliane Gruner

8 October 2014

Zoe James - Elle

Publication: Elle UK
Story: 'Scandi Drama'
Photographer: David Vasiljevic
Stylist: Zoe James
Hair: Halley Brisker
Make up: Florrie White

Zoe James - Duffy

Duffy SS15 Look Book
Photographer: Nick Hudson
Stylist: Zoe James
Hair: Daniel Martin
Make up: Thomas De Kluyver

Mary McCartney - German Vogue

Mary McCartney shot Elvis Costello and Diana Krall for German Vogue.

Photographer: Mary McCartney
Stylist: Kathrin Schiffner
Hair: Johnnie Sapong
Make-up: Anita Keeling

Stefano Azario - Kate Spade for GAP

Stefano Azario shot GAP Kids latest collaboration with Kate Spade. To view more of his work click here.

6 October 2014

Mary McCartney - Goodwood Revival

Mary McCartney brought her individual style of reportage photography to the Goodwood Revival Festival in collaboration with Leica. To view more information click here.

John Balsom - LUI

John Balsom shot this Reservoir Dogs inspired shoot for LUI Magazine.

Photographer: John Balsom
Fashion Director: Alexandra Bernard
Art Director: Eric Beckham
Hair: Terry Saxon
Make-up: Tiina

3 October 2014

Sally Branka - i-D

Publication: i-D Fall 14
Story name: Cover of 'The What is Love Issue'
Photography: Glen Luchford
Styling: Alastair McKimm
Hair: Duffy
Make up: Sally Branka

Pamela Hanson - Yahoo Style

Shot for the inaugural issue of Yahoo Style magazine. Pamela Hanson photographed Hollywood star Jessica Biel, her brother Justin and best friend Grason Ratowsky who together make up eco-conscious luxury accessories brand BARE.

Photography: Pamela Hanson
Styling: Joe Zee
Hair: Adir Abergel
Makeup: Beau Nelson
Manicure: Debbie Leavitt
Set Design: Owl & Elephant
Production: Portfolio One

Mari Ohashi - Spanish Vogue

Publication: Spanish Vogue - October 2014
Story name: 'My Generation'
Photography: Ben Weller
Styling: Sara Fernandez
Hair: Mari Ohashi
Make up: Lucy Burt

2 October 2014

Pamela Hanson - Esprit

Pamela Hanson shot the new Esprit "Everyday Amazing" images featuring Esprits new inspirational muses such as Malin Elmlid the creator and author of the Bread Exchange, and Christina Dean – the founder of Redress an NGO on an environmental mission. Pamela worked with the creative team at Wednesday on this innovative campaign.  

Photographer: Pamela Hanson
Stylist:Maya Zepinic
Hair: Raf Salley
Make-up: Gemma Smith-Edhouse

Mary McCartney - Vogue China

Mary McCartney shot Vanessa Mae for the October issue of Vogue China.

Photographer: Mary McCartney
Stylist: Hannah Teare
Hair: Raphael Sally
Make-up: Kay Montano
Talent: Vanessa Mae

1 October 2014

Sally Branka - Juun .J

Campaign: Juun.J FW14
Photography: Josh Olins
Hair: Shon
Make up: Sally Branka

Zoe James & Niamh Quinn - MiH


MiH Bodycon - A Revolution In Denim
Film by: Alex Franco
Styling: Zoe James
Hair: Nao Kawakami
Make up: Niamh Quinn

John Balsom - Associated

Photographer John Balsom for Associated magazine, Associated is a brand new magazine by Allan Kennedy and Steven Baillie. Associated has been created to document the unique soccer culture in New York and be the standard-bearer for soccer and style in the USA. To see more of John's work click here.

Photographer: John Balsom
Creative Director: Allan Kennedy

Jason Hughes & Niamh Quinn - Liberty

Campaign: Liberty AW14
Photography: Qiu Yang
Styling: Jason Hughes
Hair: Fiona Barry
Make up: Niamh Quinn