28 July 2014

Toby McFarlan Pond - Love Magazine A/W14

Toby McFarlan Pond shoots for Love Magazine's A/W14 issue 'Girl' with Brazilian model Adriana Lima on the cover. To view more of his work click here.

Photographer - Toby McFarlan Pond
Stylist - Steve Morriss
Set Designer - Thomas Petherick

24 July 2014

Jens Langkjaer - Schon Magazine

Photographer Jens Langkjaer shoots story 'Angelic' with model Kelly Mittendorf for Schon Magazine. To view more of his work click here.

Photographer - Jens Langkjaer
Stylist - Verity Parker
Model - Kelly Mittendorf

Sally Branka - French Vogue

This month's issue of French Vogue includes a unique feature on make up artist Sally Branka. Sally's unlimited and unique talents as a make up artist can be seen in this piece which explores some of the influences behind Sally's creations. Sally sites the artist Winston Chmielinski as one of her inspirations, explaining that she loves, 'pigments and materials fusing on the skin without boundries', which can be clearly seen in the accompanying images to the article, (shown above).

Photography - Mark Segal
Styling - Geraldine Saglio
Make up - Sally Branka
Hair - Shon

23 July 2014

Sally Branka - Industrie Magazine

Make up artist Sally Branka worked on, 'The Accidental Super Model', featuring Lara Stone for issue 7 of Industrie Magazine with photographer Erik Tortensson. Sally creates a magnetising look on Lara, giving her bright red lips and enhancing the contours along the cheek and brow, making them appear razor sharp.

Photography - Erik Tortensson
Styling - Clare Richardson
Make up - Sally Branka
Hair - Luke Hersheson

16 July 2014

LGA are now representing Toby McFarlan Pond

LGA are now representing photographer Toby McFarlan Pond.

To view more of his work click here and for all information please contact glenn@lgamanagement.com

11 July 2014

Heather Favell - Netflix

Heather Favell collaborates once again with the ingenious creative team at Rainey Kelly, continuing their Vodaphone 4G content series to run alongside the TV spots promoting Netflix.

Photographer - Heather Favell
Stylist - Meria Serra
Hair & Make Up - Dina Catchpole
Set Design - Matthew Duguis

9 July 2014

David Oldham - Grazia

Photographer David Oldham shoots 'Nail, the new rules' for Grazia Magazine with model Veronica Zoppola. To view more of his work click here.

Photographer - David Oldham
Hair - Ben Jones
Make-Up - Mel Arter
Model - Veronica Zoppola

4 July 2014

Jens Langkjaer - Designer Remix

Photographer Jens Langkjaer shoots the new AW14 Designer Remix campaign with model Caroline Brasch. To view more of Jens work click here.

Photographer - Jens Langkjaer
Model - Caroline Brasch

3 July 2014

Clement Jolin - Cannes

Clement Jolin's long term project with Paris New York design agency Be-Pole was shot over 2 years in the beautiful town of Cannes and now published as the latest edition of the Portraits de Villes Series. The private view for 'Cannes' took place courtesy of those lovely people at JJ Locations at one of their sunny daylight locations in Perseverance Works, East London last night. To view more of his Cannes work, click here.

2 July 2014

Sally Branka - Balenciaga FW14 Mens Campaign

Make up artist Sally Branka worked on the make up for the Balenciaga FW14 Mens Campaign with photographer Josh Olins.

Annie Leibovitz - Louis Vuitton

Annie Leibovitz shoots the AW14 Louis Vuitton campaign with actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Annie Leibovitz - Dunhill

Annie Leibovitz shoots the new AW14 Dunhill Campaign.

John Balsom - Hackett

A selection of John Balsoms new Hackett images are being used around Wimbledon to promote their collaboration with the Lawn Tennis Association. The rest of the campaign will be out later in the year. To view more of John's work click here.

Photographer - John Balsom
Styling - Dan May
Grooming - Mira Hyde

Julien d'ys - Commes des Garcons Hommes Plus SS15 Menswear Show

Julien d'ys worked on the hair for the Commes des Garcons SS15 show. In this collection Commes des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo played with ideas of exaggerating masculinity through style, harnessing elements of the teddy boy style which Julien also embraced in his nod towards the teddy boy quiff.

Sally Branka - Juun.J SS15 Menswear Show

Sally Branka worked on the make up for the Juun.J SS15 Menswear show in Paris. Sally created the image of ethereal perfect skin on the models, complimenting the space age street boy look that was imagined by the designer. 

1 July 2014

Jason Hughes - 22-4

Jason Hughes styled the 22-4 Menswear SS15 show in Paris. To view more of his work click here.

30 June 2014

Jason Hughes - Costume National

Jason Hughes styled the Costume National SS15 Menswear show in Paris. To view more of his work click here.

Adam Whitehead - Previiew

Previiew is an exclusive international artist and editorial platform for photographers and stylists worldwide to showcase their finest seven (VII) photographs. They offer membership by invitation only and Adam Whitehead was handpicked to be presented.

Click here to view his Previiew profile.
To view more of imagery click here.

25 June 2014

Pamela Hanson - Vogue Spain

Pamela Hanson shoots Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey for the July issue of Spanish Vogue. To view more of Pamela's work, click here.

Talent - Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey
Photographer - Pamela Hanson
Stylist - Barbara Baumel
Hair - Tyler Johnston
Make up - Sarah Reygate

24 June 2014

David Oldham - Grazia

David Oldham shoots the Grazia Summer Beauty Awards with model Lindsay Ellingson. To view more of his work click here.

Photographer - David Oldham
Styling - Liz Hambleton
Hair - Ben Jones
Make Up - Mel Arter
Model - Lindsay Ellingson

Jens Langkjaer - Outnet

Photographer Jens Langkjaer shoots 'Wedding guest looks' for the Outnet. To view more of his work click here.

Photographer - Jens Langkjaer
Fashion Editor - Sinead O'Connell
Hair - Teiji Utsumi
Make Up - Sandra Cooke

19 June 2014

Mari Ohashi - Harpers Bazaar

Mari Ohashi styled the hair of model Moa Aberg for story 'Pioneer Women' for the July issue of Harpers Bazaar. To view more of her work click here.

Photographer - Ben Weller
Stylist - Celestine Cooney
Hair - Mari Ohashi
Make up - Lynsey Alexander

18 June 2014

Annie Leibovitz - Prada Menswear AW14

Annie Leibovitz shoots Prada Menswear AW14 with James McAvoy.

Sabine Villiard - Uriage

Sabine Villiard shoots the new Uriage' L'eau de la Peau' campaign. Here is the final image on a billboard in Paris. To view more of Sabine's beauty work, click here.

Photographer - Sabine Villiard
Stylist - Moraya
Make up - Jabe

17 June 2014

Mary McCartney - Simone Perele

Mary McCartney shoots French lingerie brand Simone Perele's new AW/14 campaign. For more information, please contact glenn@lgamanagement.com

Model - Maria Gregersen
Photographer - Mary McCartney
Stylist - Lisa Jouvin
Hair - Maxime Mace
Make up - Tracey Gray Mann

16 June 2014

Niamh Quinn & Mari Ohashi - Sebastiaan Pieter SS15

Mari Ohashi and Niamh Quinn working backstage at the Sebastiaan Pieter SS15 London Collections Mens show. To view more of their work click here.

Hair - Mari Ohashi
Make up - Niamh Quinn
Stylist - Max Pearmain

Mari Ohashi - Nicomede Talavera SS15

Mari Ohashi backstage at the Nicomede Talavera SS15 London Mens Collection.  The show was styled by Ruben Moreira and Mari used Bumble & Bumble products to create the desired hair styles. To view more of her work click here

Hair - Mari Ohashi
Stylist - Ruben Moreira

Mari Ohashi - Astrid Andersen SS15

Mari Ohashi backstage at the London Collections Menswear show for the Astrid Andersen SS15 show, styled by Elgar Johnson. The screwed remixes of 90's RnB and hip hop that soundtracked the show at Bloomsbury Square matched the show perfectly. Mari used products by Bumble and Bumble.

Hair - Mari Ohashi
Stylist - Elgar Johnson

11 June 2014

Adam Whitehead & Anne-Marie Curtis - Elle Magazine

Adam Whitehead shoots 'Who runs the World' for Elle magazine with stylist Anne-Marie Curtis. To view more of Adams work click here, to view more of Anne-Maries work click here.

Photographer - Adam Whitehead
Stylist - Anne-Marie Curtis
Hair - Tony Collins
Make Up - Zoe Taylor