29 January 2015

Adam Whitehead - Kingsman

Adam's most recent posters for Kingsman The Secret Service, The film starring Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Caine is in cinemas now. To see more of Adam's work click here.

Tomo Brejc

LGA are now representing London based photographer Tomo Brejc. He is a contributor to GQ France, L’Officiel Hommes Italia, Esquire US & UK, Mr Porter and L’Uomo Vogue.

To view more of his work click here and for all information please contact

28 January 2015

Toby McFarlan Pond - Louis Vuitton

Toby McFarlan Pond's latest shoot for Louis Vuitton. The theme was inspired by Gaston-Louis Vuitton's mask collection. To view more of Toby's work click here.

Sally Branka - H&M

Sally Branka amplifies the mood in the new H&M SS15 campaign featuring model Andreea Diaconu which was shot by Josh Olins.

Photography: Josh Olins
Styling: Robert Rydberg
Make-Up: Sally Branka
Hair: Shon

27 January 2015

Suzie Q & Leo Siboni - Press shots of Clémence Poésy

Suzie Q & Leo Siboni's press shots with Cleménce Poésy. To view more of Suzie & Leo's work click here. 

Niamh Quinn - Loewe

Niamh Quinn for the Loewe AW15 Look Book shot by Jamie Hawkesworth.

Photography: Jamie Hawkesworth
Styling: Benjamin Bruno
Make Up: Niamh Quinn

26 January 2015

Sally Branka - Juun J AW15

Sally Branka created the look for the Juun J. AW15 show in Paris on Friday. The collection featured khaki tones, parkas, blazers and military details whilst also featuring the art work of Italian artist Paolo Pedroni.

Show: Juun. J
Styling: Juun. J
Make-Up: Sally Branka
Hair: Shon

Niamh Quinn - Green Soccer Journal

Make-Up Artist Niamh Quinn for the latest issue of the Green Soccer Journal.

Photography: Charlotte Wales
Styling: Alice Goddard
Make-Up: Niamh Quinn

Niamh Quinn - TOAST

Niamh Quinn for the Toast Pre Collection Look Book shot by Nick Seaton.

Photography: Nick Seaton
Styling: David Lamb
Make-Up: Niamh Quinn
Hair: Halley Brisker

23 January 2015

Zoe James & Ciara O'Shea - Rae Morris 'Unguarded'

Stylist Zoe James and Make-Up Artist Ciara O'Shea work together on the album art for singer-songwriter Rae Morris' Debut album 'Unguarded' which is due for release on the 26th January.

Photography: Ross Shields
Styling: Zoe James
Make-Up: Ciara O'Shea
Hair: Halley Brisker

22 January 2015

John Balsom - Unseen press shots

Outtakes from an ensemble piece of work shot by John in Los Angeles last year. To view more of John's work click here.

20 January 2015

Mari Ohashi & Ciara O'Shea - Osman Pre Fall '15

Hair Stylist Mari Ohashi and Make-Up Artist Ciara O'Shea work together on the Osman Pre Fall '15 Look Book shot by Rory Van Millingen.

Photography: Rory Van Millingen
Styling: Phoebe Arnold
Hair: Mari Ohashi
Make-Up: Ciara O'Shea

Jens Langkjaer - Designers Remix

Jens Langkjaer for Designers Remix Pre-Spring 2015 Collection. To view more of Jens work click here.

Photographer: Jens Langkjaer
Model: Emma Oak

Sally Branka - J.Brand SS15

Sally Branka for the new J.Brand SS15 campaign shot by Josh Olins on location in Arizona.

Photography: Josh Olins
Styling: Alastair McKimm
Make-Up: Sally Branka
Hair: Esther Langham

19 January 2015

Niamh Quinn & Jason Hughes - CoSTUME NATIONAL AW15

Make-Up Artist Niamh Quinn and Stylist Jason Hughes both worked on the CoSTUME NATIONAL AW15 show in Milan this weekend. The collection featured pinstriped suits, leather trousers, velvet jackets and an oversized feathered coat.

Show: Costume National
Styling: Jason Hughes
Make-Up: Niamh Quinn

Mari Ohashi - Interview Germany

Mari Ohashi styles the hair on this editorial featured in the latest issue of Interview Germany.

Photography: Lea Colombo
Styling: Jack Borkett
Hair: Mari Ohashi
Make-Up: Nami Yoshida

16 January 2015

Sally Branka - Juun.J SS15

Sally Branka accentuates Sang Woo Kim's striking features for the Juun.J Spring Summer '15 campaign shot by Josh Olins.

Photography: Josh Olins
Make-Up: Sally Branka
Hair: Shon

Jens Langkjaer - Vogue Russia

Jens Langkjaer for Vogue Russia's February 2015 issue, to view more of Jens work click here.

Photographer: Jens Langkjaer
Fashion Editor: Svetlana Tanakina
Make-up Artist: Lili Choi
Hair: Teiji Utsumi
Model: Hana Jirickova

Jason Hughes - REVS Magazine

Jason Hughes styles this editorial for REVS Magazine shot by Stefan Milev.

Photography: Stefan Milev
Styling: Jason Hughes

15 January 2015

Ciara O'Shea - Matches

Ciara O'Shea creates make-up looks for the Stella McCartney online feature for Matches Fashion.com.

Photography: Aitken Jolly
Styling: Vickie Keeble
Make-Up: Ciara O'Shea

Adam Whitehead - Cindy Crawford


Adam Whitehead shot Cindy Crawford for the latest issue of ES Magazine. To view more of Adam's work click here.

14 January 2015

Mari Ohashi & Ciara O'Shea - Jonathan Saunders SS15

Mari Ohashi  & Ciara O'Shea for the Jonathan Saunders SS15 Sunshades Look Book.

Photographer: Alex Sainsbury
Stylist: Jonathan Saunders
Hair: Mari Ohashi
Make-Up: Ciara O'Shea

Anne-Marie Curtis - Elle UK

Annie-Marie Curtis styles Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with new spring trends for the cover of Elle UK's February issue shot by Kai Z Feng.

Photography: Kai Z Feng
Styling: Anne-Marie Curtis
Hair: Jen Atken
Make-Up: Pati Dubroff

13 January 2015

Ciara O'Shea - Grace Wales Bonner AW15

Make-Up Artist Ciara O'Shea creates make-up looks on models backstage at the Grace Wales Bonner show this weekend at London Collections: Men. Looks included a collection of different head pieces, velvet jackets pin stripe trousers to name a few.

Designer: Grace Wales Bonner
Make-Up: Ciara O'Shea 

Niamh Quinn - Belstaff AW15

Make-Up Artist Niamh Quinn creates looks for the Belstaff AW15 presentation on Sunday at London Collections: Men. Models took on the role of 'Ton-Up Boys' from the 1950s. The collection takes inspiration from 'greasers' from the '50s who were fearless, reckless and who redefined masculinity. Fabrics such as wax cotton, leather and wool are used within the collections - all strong threads in the Belstaff heritage.

Show: Belstaff AW15
Make-Up: Niamh Quinn using Clarins
Hair: John Viral using Fudge

12 January 2015

Niamh Quinn - Rory Parnell-Mooney AW15

Make-Up Artist Niamh Quinn creates make-up looks backstage at the Rory Parnell-Mooney AW15 show which took place this weekend at London Collections: Men. The collection was inspired by Parnell-Mooney's fascination with the ritual of layering garments at church. Although not an avid catholic, the collection features monk-like shapes, frayed silhouettes and veils which cover the boy's faces and wet slicked hair.

Designer: Rory Parnell-Mooney
Make-Up: Niamh Quinn
Stylist: John Colver
Hair: Gary Gill

Mari Ohashi - Astrid Andersen AW15

Mari Ohashi creates slick ponytails and sharp buzz cuts for the Astrid Andersen AW15 show this weekend at London Collections: Men. The show featured a strong military theme with a palette of forest green, maroon, black, white and hot pink adding a little femininity to the collection whilst still remaining masculine through the choice of model casting and styling from Man About Town's Elgar Johnson.

Designer: Astrid Andersen
Hair: Mari Ohashi
Styling: Elgar Johnson

Jason Hughes & Niamh Quinn - Berthold AW15

Stylist Jason Hughes and Make-Up Artist Niamh Quinn both worked on the Berthold AW15 Menswear Presentation this weekend at London Collections: Men. 

Raimund Berthold gained inspiration for this AW15 collection after seeing the work of conceptual artist Abraham Cruzvillegas and his on going autoconstruction project. The London based designer uses materials such as Italian yarn, Geelong wool, cotton, nylon and Hainsworth to name a few - perfect winter fabrics. 

Styling: Jason Hughes
Make-Up: Niamh Quinn
Hair: Alexander Soltermann
Casting: Sarah Bunter
Set:Georgina Pragnell

Pamela Hanson - Vogue Russia

Pamela Hanson shot the main beauty story for Vogue Russia with Natalia Vodianova whilst in Moscow at the end of 2014 this can be seen in the new edition out now. To view more of Pamela's work click here.

Photographer: Pamela Hanson
Stylist: Olga Dunina
Hair: Konstantin Kochegov
Make-up: Olivier Echaudemaison
Talent: Natalia Vodianova

Mari Ohashi & Ciara O'Shea - Nicomede Talavera AW15

Hair Stylist Mari Ohashi and Make-Up Artist Ciara O'Shea work along side each other at the Nicomede Talavera show which took place this week at London Collections: Men. Hair looks took inspiration from the 90s with gelled, spiked hair slicked back with a hair band and make-up was kept fresh and natural. The collection features pinstriped fabrics, side-popper bottoms and rave-style backpacks and sunglasses all paying homage to the designer's youth.

Designer: Nicomede Talavera
Hair: Mari Ohashi
Make-Up: Ciara O'Shea

Annie Leibovitz - Dunhill Spring / Summer 2015

Annie Leibovitz collaborated with creative director John Ray for the Dunhill Spring / Summer 2015 campaign featuring Andrew Cooper, Louis Elliot and Alex Blamire.